About us

Shoufuusou is located in Senami Onsen in Murakami, and operates a public bathhouse that uses hot spring water, and a small, simple inn with only five guest rooms. Unlike larger hotels, we have a small staff, so the services we can provide are limited. The facilities are not the latest, but we do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to ask us anything. With a homely atmosphere, we think it is suitable for a mid- to long-term stay, where you can enjoy sightseeing, gourmet food, skateboarding, and various other experiences in the area.

Ecofriendly policy

Shoufuuso places great importance on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We use the heat from the hot springs to generate hot water for the showers, and in the winter we use the waste heat from the bathrooms to help with heating. The lighting in the lobby, lounge, and bathrooms is LED and linked to motion sensors. In the future, we would like to work on insulating the windows and installing solar power generation.


There are several irregular holidays per month. Accommodation is not possible on holidays or the day before.
Nearest holidays: July 8th, July 17th, July 18th

Company information

Operating company nameNiwakikaku, Inc.
Location2-4-29, Senami-onsen, Murakami, Niigata, Japan


Room and facilities

The guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms with tatami flooring.
Amenities include a toilet, sink, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, TV, safe, and Wi-Fi. There is no shower in the room. You are free to rearrange the furniture such as the desk.
The size of the room, including the toilet and storage, is 28 m2.


Our staff will fold up futon sets for the number of people and place them in the room. Please lay them out wherever you like in your room. Please make sure to put on the sheets and pillowcases.

Staying Plans

Plan A

During your stay, unless there is an emergency, no one other than you will enter your room, even when you go out.
Please put your trash in a bag and leave it in front of the door, or put it in the separate collection bin in the lobby.
You will be provided with change of sheets, pillowcases, and towels every three nights.
Please let us know if you need to replenish other consumable items.

2 nights15,14018,78022,420
+1 night+7,970+9,440+10,910
Regular Accommodation fee (unit : yen)

Plan B

Guests check in and check out every day.
If staying for multiple nights, you will not be able to enter your room between your morning check-out and your evening check-in. During that time, staff will clean and change your futon. Also, other guests may be using the room. You must either take all personal belongings out with you when you check out, or pack them up except for valuables and place them in the closet in your room.

1 night7,1709,34011,510
2 nights14,34018,68023,020
+1 night+7,170+9,340+11,510
Regular Accommodation fee (unit : yen)


Accommodation fees of plan A and plan B includes futons for each person, bathing fee, towel usage fee and consumption tax. You can take the face towel home with you. Please do not take the bath towel home with you.

Busy seasonA, B+1,000/room/night
Check-in before 18:00A, B+500/room/hour
Check-out after 8:00A, B+500/room/hour
Children aged 7-12A, B-290/person/night
Children aged 3-6A, B-370/person/night
Use guests’ own towelsA, B-200/person
Use YUKATA loungewearA, B+200/wear
Book 1 to 7 days prior to stay
(Single guest only)
A-1,5001st night
from 2nd night
Use guest’ own beddingsA-1,500/person
1st night
from 2nd night
Discounts, surcharges (unit : yen)

Booking and Payment


Reservations can be made by email from four months up to the day before your stay (in English or Japanese). Reservations may not be accepted on the day of your stay. Please send the following required information to the email address info@shoufuusou.com.

  • Accommodation Dates
  • number of rooms
  • Names of representative and accompanying person
  • nationality
  • Representative’s address and mobile phone number
  • Accommodation plan preference
  • Any requests

Our staff will reply to you by email to let you know if your reservation is possible.

Please attach a copy of the passport of all guests to ensure a smooth check-in.


You will need to pay for your reservation in cash at check-in.
If there are any changes during your stay, you will need to settle the amount at check-out.

Cancellation policy

If a guest wishes to cancel a reservation for personal reasons, a cancellation fee will be charged from 4 days prior to the date of arrival. Please pay by bank transfer.
If a guest has not checked in by 10pm on the day of their stay and has not contacted the hotel, their stay will be considered cancelled.

Cancellation notice dateCancellation fee
the day of stay100%
of accommodation fee
1 day before stay50%
2 to 4 days before stay30%

If the cancellation fee is not paid two weeks after the cancellation notice is given, a late fee of 14.6% per annum will be charged, calculated from the date of scheduled accommodation. If the cancellation fee is not paid one month after the date of scheduled accommodation, we will entrust a third party with collection of the fee. In addition to the cancellation fee, the guest must pay the actual costs incurred by the hotel in carrying out this entrustment.

During your stay


Accommodation guests are also welcome to use the public baths during opening hours. Opening hours are from 3pm to 10pm on weekdays and 11am to 10pm on holidays. The baths, including the showers, cannot be used outside of these hours.
Hot spring water is drawn from the source and adjusted to about 42°C through heat exchange and adding cold water.
Locals come to bathe in the public baths. In Japan, it is common for strangers to bathe in communal baths, but if you really don’t want to bathe with other people, please let us know in advance and we will arrange a time for you to use the baths just before or just after opening.


Meals are not provided at Shoufuuso. You are free to bring your own food ingredients. Cooking is not permitted.
You can find nice restaurants and food stores in Senami as well as in Murakami. We can introduce some recommended ones.
You can also order a boxed meal “Bentou”, if you make a reservation in advance. If our staff collects your Bentou from the restaurant, an additional fee of 1,000 yen will be charged.

We recommend buying your breakfast the day before.

Going out

Please feel free to go out during the public bath’s operating hours.
The entrance will be locked outside of these times. When you go out, please let a staff member know by voice or note. If you find the entrance locked when you return, please call us and we will unlock it immediately. If there are times when the staff cannot help you, we will consult with you on a case-by-case basis.

  • 5 minutes by car to supermarket, open until midnight
  • 3 minutes by car to convenience store, open 24 hours
  • 5 minutes by car to coin laundry, open 24 hours


It’s a nice walk along the beach or to Funto Park. The surrounding area is quiet and easy to walk around.
If you are out at night or in bad weather, please use the exercise room in the building. There are treadmills and fitness bikes. The daily usage fee is 50 yen per person.


  • 10 minutes by taxi from Murakami Station
  •  40-70 minutes from Niigata Station to Murakami Station
  •   2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo to Niigata Station
  • 70 minutes by car from Niigata Station or Niigata Airport.

Rental car

For transportation during your stay, renting a car is convenient.
Rental cars are available in front of Murakami Station, near Niigata Station, and Niigata Airport.
We can also introduce you to cheap car rental companies.

Accommodation Terms and Conditions (Excerpt)

Refusal of accommodationShoufuusou reserves the right to cancel reservations and refuse accommodation to guests in the following cases. In such cases, we will not collect any accommodation fees that have not yet been paid by the guest.
・The guest is suspected of being infected with an infectious disease.
・The guest is unable to manage their own excretion
・The guest has been physically or verbally assaulted
・The guest has asked for more than reasonable expenses
・The guest has disrupted business by causing a nuisance to other guests
・The guest has violated the rules regarding fire prevention, safety, and hygiene ・Force majeure, such as natural disasters or equipment failures
Restricted AreasRegardless of whether the areas are locked or have signs posted, guests are not permitted to enter the following areas without permission from the hotel.
–Guest rooms other than the guest room in which they are staying
–Business areas of the hotel
–Public bath area outside of opening hours
–Areas undergoing construction or cleaning
–Other areas designated by the hotel
Compensation for damagesIf Shoufuusou causes damage to a guest, Shoufuusou will compensate for that damage. However, this does not apply if the damage is not due to reasons attributable to Shoufuusou.
If a guest causes damage to Shoufuusou through their own intention or negligence, the guest must compensate Shoufuusou.
Bringing animalsGuests are not permitted to bring pets or commercial animals into the building, with the exception of guide dogs.
Use of fireSmoking and the use of fire are not permitted inside the building.
Dispute ResolutionGuests can use the Shoufuusou’s parking lot. Shoufuusou takes no responsibility for parked vehicles.
Dispute ResolutionIn the event of a dispute between the guest and Shoufuusou, the two parties will endeavor to resolve the dispute through discussion.
If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Niigata District Court, Shibata Branch or Murakami Summary Court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.